How to Get More Cash for iPhone: Selling a Used iPhone Online for Cash

If you intend to buy a new iPhone, you most probably want to get more cash for iPhone that you are using currently. To most people, selling an old iPhone is the best way of earning upfront money that offset the expenses of buying the latest iPhone model. If you intend to sell the iPhone that you are using currently, you need to know how you should sell your iPhone for the most money. Our iPhone sale experts share some of the tips that you should follow when selling your iPhone so that you can make more cash from your iPhone sale.

Sell your old iPhone at the right time

Time is of great essence when it comes to selling a used iPhone for cash. If your iPhone is older, it is worth less money. This is because iPhones usually depreciate in value as they age. Therefore, if you want to sell your used iPhone at a higher price, sell it before the latest iPhone model is availed for purchase in the market. Selling your used iPhone before Apple announces the release and launch date of the latest iPhone model will enable you to sell your device faster and at a higher price.

Know the iPhone model that you are selling

Different iPhone models will sell at different prices in the current market. This is the reason why you should know the iPhone model that you are selling and its current resale price in the market. For instance, if you are selling iPhone 5s or iPhone 4s, take your time to find out more about its resale price in the market. This will enable you to bargain for its resale price once you present it for sale in the market.

Know the features of your iPhone

Features of different iPhone models vary. This is why you need to know the iPhone model that you want to sell and its features. When you know the features of your iPhone, you can come up with a better, more compelling product description. This will attract more buyers.

Repair your iPhone if broken

If your iPhone is cracked, it will not attract more prospects. It will also not sell at a higher price. Therefore, if the iPhone that you want to sell for cash is broken, consider repairing it first. You can pass on the repair cost to the buyer. This way, your device will attract more buyers and even earn you more cash.

Present your iPhone properly

Looks will always sell. Therefore, when presenting your iPhone for sale, package it properly and include its original packaging and accessories. Let prospective buyers get the idea that the iPhone that they are about to buy has been taken care of properly. This way, you will sell your iPhone for cash faster and at a higher price.

Basically, these tips will enable you to make more cash for iPhone if you follow them. If you have an iPhone that you want to sell for cash, use our iPhone resale service to make more money from your iPhone sale.